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Trauma-Informed Legal Services

Legal action can be overwhelming, no matter what side of the “v.” you‘re on. There are often even more obstacles for historically disenfranchised people. You need someone in your corner who not only listens to you without judgment but also understands where you’re coming from. In addition to being a lawyer, Attorney Knapp is an advocate, a consultant, and an educator. He is dedicated to analyzing your current circumstances and providing you answers in language that you can actually understand. 

Attorney James C. Knapp is a life-long resident of Northeastern Ohio. He has a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Akron Honors College and a Juris Doctor from Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School. Attorney Knapp is licensed to practice law in the state of Ohio as well as in federal court in the Northern District of Ohio. While he typically attends hearings in Cuyahoga and Summit counties, he advises clients throughout the state.

Why a Virtual Office?

Attorney Knapp works out of virtual office, which gives him the ability to work on your case any where at any time! 

The downside to not having traditional office space in a brick and mortar building is that there are no drop-in office hours.  The benefits, however, outweigh that one drawback and include:

  • Flexibility in meeting location and time, including consultations in the privacy of your own home or during your lunch break;
  • Ability to handle matters in various geographic locations, with little to no travel costs;
  • More ways to engage and communicate, including phone, text message, video conferencing, e-mail, and in-person;
  • Convience;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Most of all, expense! Without the overhead costs of extra staff, office space rental, utilities, office furniture, equipment and upkeep, and commute/travel, the savings can be passed directly on to you! 

About Attorney Knapp

Attorney James C. Knapp was born and raised in Northeastern Ohio. James is an award-winning activist, and, as Chairman of TransOhio, he has traveled the state and the nation leading workshops on allyship and the complex issues facing the LGBTQ communities, focusing on concerns specific to transgender and gender-variant individuals. 

James has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy from The University of Akron Honors College and a Juris Doctor from Western Michigan Thomas M. Cooley Law School. 


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