Trauma-Informed Legal Services & Advocacy

Practice Areas

Personal Identity Services 

  1. Change of Name (Adult and Minor)
  2. Identity Documents (passport, driver license/state ID, birth certificate, etc.)
  3. Workplace Harassment
  4. Discrimination in Education
  5. Insurance Appeals

Alternative Families

  1. Prenuptial/Antinuptial Agreements
  2. Dissolution of Marriage
  3. Powers of Attorney
  4. End of Life Planning
  5. Housing Disputes/Breach of Contract

Other Areas

  1. Traffic and Criminal Matters 
  2. Civil Settlements
  3. Mediation
  4. Contract Drafting and Review
  5. Notary Services—included in document preparations, only $1.00 for additional documents. 

Different Approaches

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More About Attorney Knapp

Scales of Justice

Attorney James C. Knapp was born and raised in Northeastern Ohio. More than “just” an attorney, James is also an advocate, an award-winning activist, an educator, a published author, a reverend, and an active member of his local communities. He dedicates at least 10% of his monthly schedule to pro bono work, including legal name & gender change clinics for transgender Ohioans and the parents of gender variant youth, driver license restoration and expungement clinics, and, most recently, bond hearings in immigration cases. 

James has a diverse background, focusing on criminal litigation and appeals during his law school career; he volunteered with both the Office of the Public Defender and the Innocence Project before passing the bar exam. James now practices mostly in the civil arena, including working closely with city officials throughout the state to draft and pass comprehensive nondiscrimina ordinances. He maintains a strong ethic and demand for justice and lived equality. James is licensed in federal court in the Northern District of Ohio and state court. He advises and counsels clients in other areas as a consultant, but he is not licensed to practice law outside the state of Ohio. 

James has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy from The University of Akron Honors College and a Juris Doctor from Western Michigan Thomas M. Cooley Law School.